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Mission Statement

At This Kind Planet, we believe in the cumulative power of small, everyday changes. At the same time, we understand that the amount of available information can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve reached out to experts in the environmental field to summarize information to help consumers make better choices. Topics range from sustainable clothing to reef-safe sunscreens and the benefits of a more plant-based diet. We’ll provide you with EcoBits–100 words that summarize preeminent scientific research—as well as updates on the work of environmental innovators, small victories in legislation or science and simple steps that you can take to reduce your own environmental footprint. Together with experts from around the world, we hope to make it a little easier to be kinder to our planet.

Our team

Emily Adams

Emily Adams

Co-founder and Director of Operations

From Darien, Illinois, all the way to Schenectady, New York, Emily is always finding a way to immerse herself in the outdoors. Emily has also lived and worked in Door County, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Kentucky. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Transylvania University, but uses this background to look at environmental issues with a computational lens. Emily has a passion for being in nature and protecting the sustainability of our world’s natural resources. In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, swimming, traveling, and playing music. Emily is also a certified SCUBA diver, and is committed to ensuring the long-term preservation of marine ecosystems and species.
Alex Addison

Alex Addison

Co-founder and Director of Research

Alex was born in Vancouver, BC, but spent most of his childhood on the east coast of the United States where he played lacrosse, fished whenever he could, and traveled with his family to places with stunning natural beauty, like Thailand and the Galapagos. He left the Chesapeake Bay area, reluctantly, to complete his degree in exercise science in Kentucky, where he was still able to get outdoors, including on the lacrosse field. Alex’s commitment to environmental issues, and particularly the health of our waterways, has continued to grow. He completed an internship in Costa Rica working to reintegrate exotic animals–rescued from smugglers—back into their natural habitat. He currently lives in New York where he is working on the COVID vaccine roll-out, hiking, and fishing in the area whenever he can.
Katherine Nimrod

Katherine Nimrod

Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships

While Glenview, IL is where Katherine calls home, her heart can be found in many places around the world. Some of those places include a farm in Door County, WI, under the shady trees of Villa Borghese in Rome, alongside the snails on a Spanish dirt road called the Camino de Santiago, and among the mountains in Alaska. No matter where she goes, Katherine seeks out nature. Her most recent quest led her back to Alaska where she found herself commercial salmon fishing in a village called Bethel. As Katherine has fallen in love with the various inhabitants she has encountered in her travels, she has become passionate about protecting biodiversity. Whether it is a towering redwood tree or a tiny bumblebee, Katherine hopes we can come together to protect all species and peacefully coexist on our wild, beautiful planet.

Our Interns

Maggie Duggan

Social Media guru

Maggie started with This Kind Planet in August of 2023.

This Kind Planet is funded, in part, by an affiliate program. We may receive free product or commissions from the links on this site, but we seek out and promote only those products that we truly believe in.


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